I’m sorry that our prices seen unreasonable. In actuality, we have extremely competitive with pricing in the optical world. In comparison to the cost you would pay for your optician to order these, we actually save many people money. I have customers who have said their optician quoted them $600-$800 for the frame, prescription, and our lenses. Their order with us was significantly lower, so they got 2 pairs instead.


Costco is hard to beat for pricing for just about anything, but unfortunately, you cannot get our glasses at Costco. Our technology is scientifically backed and involved in ongoing research year after year. While you can order generic FL-41’s from just about anywhere, they are not going to offer the proven benefits that Axon lenses do.


We put a lot of research, time, and effort into making our glasses and keeping them up to date with current scientific research. Most of our clients have chronic conditions like migraine or traumatic brain injury, and we work closely with many groups like occupational therapists and the Veteran’s Affairs department. Many people also view them as an investment to manage their photosensitivity.


I do apologize that they seem overpriced, but in comparison to other technology like this, we are not.  Our products are specialty medical devices with proven results, not regular glasses.