We offer a 60 day hassle-free return policy for full refunds, excluding shipping and handling charges.  Axon Optics does not provide a prepaid shipping label for international return or exchanges.

Please note that many countries will charge an import duty, which is a tax that they will collect upon delivery of your package. This is separate than our costs, so you may want to plan ahead and order multiple pair at once should this apply to you. 

If you are returning an international package, please register your return with your local customs office. If you are interested in reimbursement of the duties paid upon receipt of your package, your local customs office may require you to file paperwork documenting the return of the package back to us. This process varies by country so it is vital that you speak with your local customs office and follow all directions if you want that refund. The refund will come directly from your local government. 

Axon Optics, DHL, and other shipping companies are not involved in this process, nor are we responsible for the taxes your country may charge you for importing products from another country. We are unable to assist you further with this process. 

Please note that we do not recommend exchanges for international customers because they are often held in customs. If your order is being reshipped due to an error or a warranty issue, you must register the returning product with your receiving country customs.