Axon Optics applies our proprietary tint to the Special Eyes Hioxifilcon 49% contact lens.  The standard diameter of 14.5 and base curve of 8.6 will fit the vast majority of patients.  

Custom fitting your patients will provide the greatest comfort, vision clarity, and relief from light sensitivity.  Fitting our lens is easy:

1) Brand Retrofit Guide: The simplest method for fitting our contact lens is to use the Brand Retrofit Guide attached below. Prescriptions written for common lens brands such as Acuvue Oasis or Purevision can be used to fit an Axon Lens.

2) Calculation based on Keratometry, HVID, and manifest refraction. 

Enter measurement data from your patient's contact lens visit into this online contact lens calculator.  Select the Lens Type 49 Toric & Sphere. This quick fit guide may also be helpful.


You can review the entire professional fitting guide here.

Warranty: The Warranty for the contact lenses includes one exchange within 60 days of invoice date for prescription, parameter, or tint zone change.