Our lenses are 14.5 mm in diameter. The human cornea is an average of 11 mm in diameter.  A soft contact lens typically overlaps the cornea by about 1.5mm on each side. 

We offer two versions of our soft contact lens based on the color of your eyes, though the larger coverage area can be selected if needed.  If you have Brown Eyes, we offer a fully tinted lens that covers both the iris and pupil, approximately 11.5 millimeters wide tint area.  This gives you guaranteed coverage.  It will make the brown color of your iris into a warmer shade of brown.

For lighter eye colors (Blue, Hazel, Green, or Grey), we offer a Light Eyes pupil-only tint that is 5 millimeters wide; it may overlap with some of the colored iris as your pupil contracts and expands.  This is a great option to avoid most eye color change, as the redness of the tint may make your iris appear unnaturally violet or reddish in color.

If you do not care about the color of the contact covering your eye color, the Dark Eye contact is going to have full coverage over your pupil and iris.