Sometimes optometrists do not measure PD unless you purchase glasses from them.  If you are unable to get it from your provider you can try measuring it yourself with the help of a friend: 
  1. Grab a dry erase marker and your glasses
  2. While wearing your glasses, look at an object about 20 feet away 
  3. Have your friend dot each lens directly over your pupil
  4. Remove your glasses
  5. Measure the distance between the 2 markings with a millimeter ruler for the total PD
In the PD field you can enter one of these options: 
  • your total PD measurement in millimeters (ie: 63.5) 
  • lenses are marked in my shipment
  • waived for lab to calculate

It is better to self measure than to waive it.  However, if you cannot successfully get a PD measurement, our lab will calculate a PD measurement based on your frame dimensions.