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Before investing in non-refundable contact lenses, please test our tint in a non-prescription pair of frames.  We want to be sure you like the tint before investing in a non-refundable product. All non-prescription lenses in our frames can be returned within 60 days of purchase in new condition for a full refund. 

Try Contact Lenses

 If you haven’t worn contact lenses before, have your optometrist conduct a contact lens fitting and try disposable contact lens samples provided by your eye doctor at that appointment. This will ensure that your eyes can tolerate wearing contact lenses and that you have the required contact lens prescription prior to ordering. Even if you do not need prescription correction for your vision, a contact lens prescription is required to make the lenses fit safely and comfortably on your eye.

Eye Color and Sizing information

Our lenses are 14.5 mm in diameter. The human cornea is an average of 11 mm in diameter.  A soft contact lens typically overlaps the cornea by about 1.5mm on each side. We offer two versions of our soft contact lens based on the color of your eyes, though the larger coverage area can be selected if needed.  If you have Brown Eyes, we offer a fully tinted lens that covers both the iris and pupil, approximately 11.5 millimeters wide tint area.  This gives you guaranteed coverage.  It will make the brown color of your iris into a warmer shade of brown.

For lighter eye colors (Blue, Hazel, Green, or Grey), we offer a Light Eyes pupil-only tint that is 5 millimeters wide; it may overlap with some of the colored iris as your pupil contracts and expands.  This is a great option to avoid most eye color change, as the redness of the tint may make your iris appear unnaturally violet or reddish in color.

These are high-quality soft contact lenses that are FDA-cleared. The lenses are custom-made. As with our Send-In-Your-Frame Service, our contact lenses are non-refundable because there is no product to return.  Our contact lenses (as well as most other contact lenses), do NOT afford UV protection. Customers should wear sunglasses or Axon Optics Glasses with UV protection when out-of-doors. All Axon Optics glasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

JAMA Proper Care of Contact Lenses

Cleaning and Storing Contact Lenses

Axon Optics contact lenses include a one-year warranty against defects.  We do not cover lost lenses or other damages.  If you have additional questions, please email [email protected] for assistance and recommendations.