We can replace lenses in most frames.  In fact, we recommend prescription customers to purchase a frame locally or send us one they already own.  We will discard the old lenses and replace them with new Axon Optics lenses.  Axon Optics eyewear features Axon’s SpectraShield lens that filters out the harsh light and has been shown to block the light implicated in triggering and aggravating migraines and light sensitivity.  

Be sure to place your order through the website before sending in your frame. We cannot be responsible for lost, missing, or damaged frames, or frames that are sent before an order is placed. Please save your tracking number in case of any issues with the postal service delivery. Addressing your package to Axon Optics, without specifying Send In Your Frame service will result in delays.  If you are adding a prescription to the order, enter your prescription in the form below.  Do not send your paper prescription with your frame.

Please note we are unable to return your original lenses, so you should have a local optician remove them if you’d like to keep them prior to shipping us your frame.  Axon Optics does not warranty the Send In Your Frame.