All of our lenses include the Axon brand name SpectraShield tint for migraine and light sensitivity.  We do not sell clear lenses, colored lenses, or other tints.

The indoor lens is light rose in appearance.  It is best for indoor activities - watching tv, school, church, grocery stores, anywhere with bright lights and especially commercial light fixtures.  They're especially helpful with fluorescent light, electronic device screens (Computers, smartphones, etc), LEDs, and blinking or flashing lights.

The outdoor lens is more like traditional sunglasses and has a dark plum-grey color.  It provides greater visibility outside than traditional sunglasses.  It is perfect for outdoor use and for reducing sun glare.

The photochromic lens is as good as our indoor tint while indoors, but darkens when exposed directly to UV rays.  Our photochromic lenses darken in the sun, but not darken in bright indoor light or inside automobiles. 

We also offer annual soft contact lenses which can be made with tint to cover the full iris for dark eye colors or pupil-only to preserve light eye colors.  Before ordering contact lenses, we recommend customer try a pair of our non-prescription frames to see if our lenses help you.  

You can view the Indoor and Outdoor lenses here