Optical lenses should not be cleaned with tissue or any dry material.  This can lead to scratches.  To clean your lenses, you can use the included microfiber lens cleaning bag along with a small bottle of standard eyeglass cleaner. Most optical shops carry this type of cleaning solution.

Harsh cleaners, such as 409 or Windex, can cause the lenses to bubble and/or lose their tinting. Using harsh cleaners or plain rubbing alcohol on your Axon lenses does void the warranty. Axon recommends using a microfiber cloth with an anti-glare lens cleaner for the best possible outcome.

We now recommend Biotrue contact solution for cleaning and storing our contact lenses. Lens Fresh extra strength contact lens cleaner can also be used as needed.  Alcon Brand Opti-Free Daily Cleaner, Saline and Disinfection Solution are also suitable.