For greater accuracy, our lab can make non-prescription and single-vision prescriptions. Single-Vision lenses can be any of the following: -A prescription with visual correction, known as a Single-Vision Distance prescription. -A prescription with visual correction and magnification added that goes all the way through the lens (not just on the bottom), known as a Single-Vision Reading prescription. -A non-corrective lens which offers magnification power all the way through the lens, known as a Magnification-Only Reader.

Orders for more complex prescriptions, such as Bifocal, Progressive, Trifocal, and Prism, must be placed by your eye care professional.  You will need to have your selected frame with you at the time of your exam.  Your provider is welcome to contact us by phone or email for additional ordering information.

National chains such as Lenscrafters  have set materials contracts and typically cannot work with independent lens vendors.  Local, independent eye doctors and optical shops are most likely to be able to work with an independent lens vendor.  If your local doctor is unwilling or unable to use our tint, please contact us at [email protected]