Using our Send-In-Your-Frame service, you can send us your current glasses.  Just visit our Send-In-Your-Frame page.  Choose the real lens options desired, place the order, and then send the glasses to the address located on that page. We will pop out the current lenses and replace them with ours.  As there is no product to return, this service is non-refundable. Want to try the tint with your current prescription lenses?  Try our Cover-RX, which fits over your prescription.  This is a great way to try our tint and see if it helps, as non-prescription lenses in our frames can be returned in new condition within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange credit. If you have a prescription that is more complicated than Single-Vision, please have your eye doctor contact us.

We can’t tint pre-existing lenses for a number of reasons:

  1. Liability: If you send us $500 lenses and they are damaged, who will replace them?
  2. Coatings: Most lenses have been coated with protective treatments that will prevent staining and thus will make the lenses impossible to tint.  Pre-existing lenses can’t be tinted because of this coating.
  3. Imperfections: Pre-existing lenses have scratches and small imperfections on the surface of the lens as well as within the coating that will be magnified during the tinting process.