You do not need a doctor’s prescription to order our glasses. All of our glasses are available in non-prescription or can be ordered with prescription lenses.

However, if you currently wear eyeglasses to correct your vision, you will need to enter your eyeglass prescription when placing an order.

There are two types of prescriptions:

  1. Doctor’s prescription: This is from a referring doctor who prescribes our lenses so that you can get it covered by insurance.  This can also be called a ‘referral’, depending on your region and insurance type.  This is not required to have Axon Optics lenses made for you, but can help in getting them covered by your insurance.
  2. Vision Correction Prescription: The other type of prescription is completely separate from the referral.  A vision correction prescription can be for eyeglass lenses or contact lenses, and is usually given to you on paper following an eye exam.  This information tells us how to cut your lenses to improve your vision.  While a doctor’s referral may help with insurance coverage, the vision correction prescription is the only type required to make prescription lenses.

We can make non-prescription lenses for you without a prescription.  We do accept prescription orders directly through our website.