Please do not send frames until you have an Axon Optics order number. 

Many select this Send In Your Frame option (SIYF) and order their frames from CocoonsEyewear, 7 Eye, or other companies such as Ray-Ban.

Any frame should work as long as it has removable lenses. If you're unsure, you can ask the store that sells the glasses if the frame can hold prescription lenses - if it can, this means the lenses can be removed, as a lab must remove the demo lenses and replace them with prescription. We can also use old frames that you own.

The only frames we can't use are ones so cheap that the lenses and frame are manufactured fused together, or have novelty lens shapes (for example, heart-shaped lenses for Valentine's day, or ski visors where there is one solid window instead of a lens). If you're not sure, you can send me a link to the frames you are interested in purchasing.

If you order a frame online, I recommend shipping it to yourself first, so that you can try it on and make sure that it is comfortable. The bigger the lenses, the better. Make sure it works for your fit, style, and coverage needs.