We ship international orders exclusively via DHL and is usually $45-$85. Estimated delivery time is within a week of processing and includes a tracking number. Some international customers prefer to make arrangements independently of Axon. We can have your package picked up by another service such as Fed Ex if you make the arrangements and pay the 3rd party carrier independently. We just need the mailing label and then I can refund your order for any default shipping charges.

Your package will be subject to import taxes, customs duties and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once your purchase arrives in the country of destination. For example, if you are receiving our products in the United Kingdom, you will be charged a 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) in order for your purchase to pass through clearance. I'm unsure about claiming the tax back if returned, please contact your local import office for more information about that.

Please note that we do not recommend exchanges for international customers. Axon Optics does not provide return shipping and exchanges are often held in customs. If your order is being reshipped due to an error or a warranty issue, you must register the returning product with your receiving country customs.

Because each country can have different polices on this process, Axon Optics does not assist with this process. Usually the overseas customer must file a Duty and Tax Drawback when they export the returning merchandise. This way the customer is credited directly by their country. If you have any other questions about receiving a second shipment, please contact your receiving country customs.

Our Cover-RX Lite which will fit over your current prescription glasses has a 60 day return policy and can help assure you that the tint will be effective. Most customers know within a week if the tint works for them and the majority will keep this pair as a back up. You can purchase the Cover-RX Lite at http://www.axonoptics.com/product/cover-rx-lite/